A well defined system architecture is the foundation of every (hybrid)-electric powertrain.

Our team provides a thorough understanding of all relevant considerations, norms and boundaries to provide you with a detailed system architecture, requirements set and path forward on your design.


Case Study: Powertrain System Architecture for a Hybrid Electric Aircraft


Base Architecture and Component Requirements

Based on the mission profile and system requirements of the aircraft we determined the most suitable architecture and the base requirements of all the relevant components and interfaces.

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Aviation Norm

After reviewing the targeted certification class of the aircraft, the relevant set of norms have been determined. A detailed analysis of these norms allows to determine further requirements for all the relevant components and interfaces.

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Component Benchmarking

In order to receive a first realistic image of how an implementation of the powertrain can look like, we created a database with several alternatives for all the relevant components which meet the above defined requirements. These alternatives are ranked based on a performance and a supply chain evaluation. The result was a system architecture of a complete powertrain with all the relevant components and interfaces specified and pre-selected for sourcing.