Well laid out controller software and hardware is what finally makes a powertrain smart and safe.

We develop software and hardware for all the relevant controllers of a powertrain including BMS (Battery Management System) and PMUs (Power Management Systems) for hybrid architectures and Inverters.

Case Study: Controller Development for a PMU (Power Management Unit) of a Hybrid-Electric Turbine-Generator

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Specification and Requirements

The first step for any controller development is to define a detailed specifications and requirements sheet.
Thereby we take into account the entire powertrain architecture, the already existing components as well as the relevant aviation norms.

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Platform Selection

Based on the specifications and requirements, we perform an analysis of all relevant and available platforms. We choose and source the relevant platform or decide to develop it completely in house if necessary.


Controller Development and Bring Up

The controller is developed and base software is put on the hardware to enable the core functionality of the device.

Software Development

Software Implementation

We develop the entire software of the controller based on rigorous standards and highest safety requirements.


Testing and System Integration

Once the software is developed, the controller is tested on a SIL (Software in the Loop), then HIL (Hardware in the Loop) and eventually as part of the entire powertrain system.