The battery is the heart of any (hybrid)-electric powertrain.

We help you design the perfect battery for your application. This includes a system design according to the relevant norms, modelling, prototyping, official testing and implementation in your powertrain.

Case Study: Battery Design for an Electric Aircraft System

Available Cell Technologies

Cell and Pack Configuration

In order to preselect a suitable cell and pack configuration the following steps are executed:

  • Determining all relevant system parameters
  • Identification of all available battery technologies
  • Assessment of available battery technologies
  • Creation of Database of market available cells
  • Assessment of market-available or relevant research cells
Electrical Modelling Battery

Modeling and Simulation

A simulation approach is used in order to understand and predict the behavior of the battery pack in detail:

  • Electrical and thermal modelling of battery
  • Battery parameter fitting based on cell testing data
  • Simulation of battery as part of powertrain for given mission profile
  • Assessment of key battery parameters for each design iteration
Aviation Norms

Aviation Norms

Clearly understanding the relevant aviation norms is fundamental to a solid battery design.

This includes:

  • Identification of all relevant aviation industry standards for batteries
  • Identification and extraction of all requirements
  • Linking the requirements to high level certification specifications
Battery Concept

Implementation Concept

All of the above steps can be used in order to derive an implementation concept for the specific battery pack.

This includes:

  • Custom determined cell and pack configuration
  • Simulation validated configuration
  • Design requirements based on aviation norms

Prototype Implementation

The developed battery concept is now implemented into a prototype battery pack.

Electric Flytrain has designed custom solutions for the following features:

  • Cell Contacting
  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Thermal Management
  • Thermal Propagation Mitigation