Electric Flytrain Testing Capabilities

At Electric Flytrain we develop turn-key electric powertrain solutions for our customers. This includes all the relevant steps from Powertrain System Architecture over System Design to final Integration and Validation. Specifically the Integration and Validation phase requires significant infrastructure and tools. In order to master this phase of development, Electric Flytrain has formed strategic partnerships and has undertaken significant investments.

Strategic Partnership with HC-Concepts

HC-Concepts is a company which specialises in engine development. Not only are they a great partner regarding all mechanical design aspects of our powertrain, but they also provide a huge variety of expertise, tools and facilities which are required for the integration and validation process.

HC-Concepts Facilities
CNC Machine HC Concepts


HC-Concepts has several advanced CNC-Machines in-house. This allows us to quickly and precisely mill any metal components with a minimal lead time. A crucial element for the development of required structural parts of our powertrain systems.

Metal 3D Printer at HC-Concepts


Printing complex stainless steel or aluminium components is another advantage, which allows us to move very quickly when it comes to the manufacturing of metal components. After being completed on the Metal 3D Printer, parts receive their final finish on the CNC machine.

HC-Concepts has three highly advanced Metal 3D Printers, which are leveraged by Electric Flytrain.

Test Lab

System Test Centers

For the system validation of electric powertrains, HC-Concepts has built out test centres which Electric Flytrain leverages. These include the required infrastructure, noise protection, ventilation system, fire protection and control centres to safely test and operate powertrain systems.

Our In House Infrastructure

Electric Flytrain has conducted strategic investment on critical infrastructure for our development.

HV Certificate

High Voltage Bi-Directional Loads:

In order to test the functionality of electric powertrains under full load, Electric Flytrain invested in High Power Bi-Directional DC Loads. These loads allow us to both feed our powertrain systems with the required power and also put output power back into the grid. Electric Flytrain owns loads which allow testing systems of up to 1000V and with a power of up to 50kW.

We additionally invested into the required infrastructure and training to safely operate HV-Systems. Six people from our team have received an official HV training and are licensed to develop and even work on live HV systems.

Electronic Design Lab:

We built an expansive Electronic Design Lab, which includes everything from reflow ovens for rapid assembly of PCBs, oscilloscopes and measurement devices to bring up our PCBs and electronic loads to test them. This allows us to move quickly on our electronic design and verify and validate all our designs in-house.

Further Partnerships

Dyno Testbench

Electric Motor Testing

In order to characterise our electric motors with highest precision, we have formed partnerships with leading universities from Munich. These allow us to access labs with high precision dynamometers. We can precisely characterise the torque response, efficiency and power limits of our electric motors.


Electric Flytrain has built out significant capabilities to fully develop, integrate and validate turn-key electric powertrain systems. Accordingly, Electric Flytrain is able to move fast and to deliver on complex multi-disciplinary projects. Capabilities which our customers highly appreciate.